Sarah’s New Normal

The latest super parent to share her story is Sarah. Read about how she handled her transition back to work and how she maximises family time in the weekend.

Name: Sarah

Occupation: Senior communication advisor

My tribe: We’re a family of three: me, hubby and our almost 2 year old daughter, Jas.

My village: My parents, hubbys parents, our extended families, our friends and the many Mum’s I met during Jas’ first year through walking groups, Waikato Home Birth Association, Kangatraining, SPACE, Le Lache League… and online Mum’s too!

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Charlie’s Fully Loaded Congee

One of my biggest worries when I went back to work was how Charlie’s nutrition would fare. Although he was already eating solids, he was a little while away from eating the same meals as Jason and me. I fretted over whether or not I would have the energy to cook two separate meals and how I could make sure Charlie was getting enough nutrition.

The answer came in the form of my pressure cooker and a childhood favourite dish of mine – Congee.

A lot of watery congee fell onto the floor before I found the correct rice to water ratio for a good spoonable consistency!

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My Breastfeeding Journey

Whenever I start a new project, I like to gather as much information as possible to prepare myself for all possibilities. I did the same when it came to breastfeeding – I listened to podcasts, read articles and took lots of notes at antenatal class. I was fully on board with the benefits of breastfeeding and had confidence that it would come naturally when it was time. All the articles I had read only had accounts of warm fuzzy feelings and bonding with your newborn. Of course, I had my suspicions that breastfeeding was going to be harder than I had been led to believe, but I hadn’t prepared myself for the steep learning curve that was ahead of me.

My breastfeeding journey was as textbook as you can get – the best case scenario. While I can confirm that there are indeed warm fuzzy feelings and precious bonding time – there are a couple of hurdles to get over first. Continue reading “My Breastfeeding Journey”

Lucy’s New Normal

I was equal parts excited and nervous when I thought about returning to work. I had spent 9 months cultivating a routine with baby Charlie and, just as we were getting used to spending every day together, it was time to change things up again. In the weeks leading up to my return, I received a lot of advice from a wide range of people around me – those who had found a way to return to the workplace, those who had chosen a new career as a stay-at-home parent, and everything else in between. The one thing they all agreed on was that things were about to become more complicated! Although the advice was varied, I found comfort in the fact that everybody had found a way to adapt to their new normal and were more than happy to share their experience. Continue reading “Lucy’s New Normal”