Michelle’s New Normal

Michelle was suddenly thrust into motherhood when she and her husband got chosen for adoption! Her experience transitioning from a career focused woman to working mama with no real discernible routine – this is something I’m struggling with at the moment so it was very comforting to see that someone else has made it work! Read about her journey below…

Name: Michelle

Occupation: Corporate Event Manager

My Tribe: My husband Jason, my son Cooper (18 months) Bronze the dog, Wok the cat, 3 goats Billie, HeyHey and Masala, 2 chickens Fro & Frofro. And let’s not forget our gorgeous friend/aupair Lea.

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Tara’s New Normal

Tara returned to work when her son was nine months old. Her story really resonated with me as I returned to work about the same time. Like her, I experienced a lot of mum-guilt but eventually realised that going back to work was better for our family in the long run. Read about how this boss mama manages to fit so much into her life – her family, graphic design business, building her first home, and remembering to take some time out for herself!

Name: Tara

Occupation:Graphic Designer + Boss Mama 😉

My Tribe: My fiance and I are fairly new parents, with one young wee rascal called Theodore. He is 18 months old.

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Rachel’s New Normal

Like most parents, Rachel’s new normal is constantly changing and being reassessed. Each day carries a different routine and different activities. Although her family live far away, she has a great village of neighbours and friends to call on. Read about how Rachel’s family schedules their days (Wednesday coffee and lolly cake sounds fab!).

Name: Rachel

Occupation: Registered Nurse

My Tribe: We are a family of four – Sam, Henry (2), Hunter (16 months) and myself.

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Nikita’s New Normal

I loved reading about how Nikita gets her younger boys involved in simple household tasks and finding inspiration through the awesome online parenting community! Read about some of the factors that influenced Nikita’s return to work and how she is finding balance in her new normal.

Name: Nikita Murray

Occupation: Early Childhood Teacher

My Tribe: Myself & my husband work and play alongside our 3 boys, Patrick (almost 13), Jack (almost 6) and Soren (4) & tbh we’re considering trying for a girl one last time!

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Sarah’s New Normal

The latest super parent to share her story is Sarah. Read about how she handled her transition back to work and how she maximises family time in the weekend.

Name: Sarah

Occupation: Senior communication advisor

My tribe: We’re a family of three: me, hubby and our almost 2 year old daughter, Jas.

My village: My parents, hubbys parents, our extended families, our friends and the many Mum’s I met during Jas’ first year through walking groups, Waikato Home Birth Association, Kangatraining, SPACE, Le Lache League… and online Mum’s too!

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Charlie’s Fully Loaded Congee

One of my biggest worries when I went back to work was how Charlie’s nutrition would fare. Although he was already eating solids, he was a little while away from eating the same meals as Jason and me. I fretted over whether or not I would have the energy to cook two separate meals and how I could make sure Charlie was getting enough nutrition.

The answer came in the form of my pressure cooker and a childhood favourite dish of mine – Congee.

A lot of watery congee fell onto the floor before I found the correct rice to water ratio for a good spoonable consistency!

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